Energy comparison solutions


Decision Tech’s position as part of the Moneysupermarket Group enables us to deliver an energy comparison service that comes with the reassuring backing the UK’s largest comparison brand. This brings your customers an innate feeling of confidence that the service is fully supported, with an exhaustive range of the best deals on the market. MoneySuperMarket’s energy platform already powers and and now Decision Tech is also able to bring that platform and its full range of benefits to our partners via our White Label and API.

If you are interested in our White Label or API solutions for energy comparison please get in touch at:

Platform benefits

Whole market view

As the UK’s largest comparison business, MoneySuperMarket is able to leverage its energy platform allowing Decision Tech’s partners and their customers access to a ‘whole market view’ from the widest possible panel of providers.

Access to regular special offers

Being powered by a major brand like MoneySuperMarket means our API partners can typically expect 2 – 3 exclusives tariffs per month, generally with 1 or more exclusives live every day of the year.

Great deals and savings

Our partners’ customers will be able to get the best prices and the very latest deals on the market giving you the confidence that the customers using your service will save at least £266* on their energy bills when switching via our partner network (*51% of customers made this saving in Apr-June 2020).

Customer service

Mature and efficient processes to support your customers with any post-switch requirements, all customer communication will be fully integrated into our partner’s brand giving your customers a seamless brand experience and increasing the lifetime value to your business.

Account management

Partnering with Decision Tech for your energy comparison service delivers years of experience and understanding of the industry to you business. We have a proven track record in delivering growth to our partner's businesses and we will work with you to develop a bespoke strategy.


As a business, you can have complete comfort that your service is being powered by a company that works on an extremely high level across all of its functions, and the reassurance that the MoneySuperMarket brand will bring to your customers.

Our white label

Our white label is a hosted platform. Your customers will experience a fully optimised end to end journey, all within your URL so your customers get a complete experience in your brand. Our team has spent a lot of time streamlining and perfecting the user journey – using intuitive language to simplify the decision-making process from first to last click.

We recognise that more and more of us are accessing sites via our smartphones, so our white label platform has been designed specifically for access via mobile devices rather than being adapted from a desktop-based design.

We use components that create the look, feel and behaviour of a mobile app whilst remaining on a web-based platform. This gives your customers the familiar comfort and smooth transitions that you get from a mobile app. Improved user experience will deliver a positive impact on your conversion rates.

Because the whole user journey is hosted by Decision Tech, you don’t need to carry any of the burden on your finite development resources.


Our API enables you to build and customise the user journey and design of your own energy comparison experience. This gives you more control over the complete user journey, from landing pages to customer data capture. You can design and A/B test your own energy comparison service, allowing you to focus on customer experience while we take care of the backend switching platform.

Decision Tech’s API is ideal for partners that are confident in their team's ability to handle the more complex software development and UX design challenges that API brings.

Because this is a fully dynamic platform our API partners can add live tariff content - such as the very latest prices - to your PPC creative, creating relevant calls to action to your customers.

You will benefit from a product platform regularly updated and accurate so you can be confident that your customers are receiving the latest tariff data across the energy market.