Following a £10million investment from the Business Growth Fund

Decision Tech bought mobile comparison website business, The Right Mobile Phone Group Ltd. We added its technology to our platform so we could immediately offer customers the complete home communications and entertainment comparison service.

We had ambitious plans for this business...


We initially focused on increasing visitor numbers to the mobile platform using SEO and our existing user database, while preserving the user journeys of the original site.

This was followed by some serious optimising of the user journey, rewriting front end, and using the proven multi-variant testing technology we employ on our home communications comparison product. The objective was to increase conversion rates and monetisation by improving the customer’s comparison experience. This process allowed us to create a deeper customer journey that simplified the myriad of choices customers face, into a simple, step-by-step, route.

It was at this stage that we took the strategic decision to invest in a complete rebuild of the platform using our proprietary, service-orientated architecture, in order that the performance of the platform met the standard Decision Tech demands of all of our technology.

We don’t just want to find deals for our customers, we want to find the right deal for each customer. And so, our mobile deals now live side by side with our home comms deals in a centralised deal store giving thousands of potential options to customers.

Standardising the deal store also allowed us to share this technology with our partners via API.

Overhauling the mobile site is just one example of our constant investment in paying down the technical debt. We believe in clean, well-tested and maintainable code to allow easy optimisation.


The importance of mobile

We see the a continuing shift in the home comms market toward using mobile enabled devices and 4G. Keeping our comparison technology adaptable, and investing ahead of the trend, gives us the agility required to help consumers keep on top of changes in their digital entertainment world at the moment they happen.


Since we added the mobile site to our portfolio, we have drastically increased the number of brands we are able to offer on the service, increasing options for our customers, and as a result of this and our complete platform overhaul, traffic through the mobile site has increased by over 200%. Over 85,000 customers now use our mobile comparison service each month either to find the latest sim and contract deals, or upgrade their phone.