Training and development

We want to make Decision Tech a place where amazing staff want to come and work; where their talents are honed, new skills are developed, and where knowledge is shared with others in the company.

We are very proud and fiercely protective of our culture and we look to our teams to enhance our culture; not simply maintain it. We have a philosophy of ‘coaching in the moment’ which helps our employees with their self-awareness and empowerment.

So, we go to great lengths to make the decision to join our team a no-brainer when it comes to the question of professional development.

We offer an extensive range of opportunities for training, coaching and self-development – both professionally and personally – to help staff progress in their careers in the long term, and keep things interesting for a very ambitious, talented group of people.

Training and development options include...

Team Away Days

the whole company gets together to go through our company direction and strategy so we all know where we are going

Promotions and career progression

whenever possible we promote internally in order to create career progression for exceptional staff

Attending industry conferences

bringing cutting edge thinking and best practice to the company

One-to-one mentoring from the CEO and COO

for staff members where a good match is identified in appraisals

Six-monthly review

giving all staff the opportunity to provide feedback on a wide range of company matters including: training and development, performance recognition, and internal communication allowing the company to benchmark its progress and make improvements where highlighted by staff

Team specific training courses

to add further job-related strings to their bows we arrange specific training courses to develop people in their roles e.g. negotiation training for members of our commercial team, copywriting for advertising training for our design team, and supporting our financial team in becoming fully qualified accountants

Awesome Achievement Awards

awarded every two months to celebrate a standout achievement by a staff member. As nominations are made by your team-mates, the awards are open to everyone. The winners – who are chosen by the Exec team based on the reason for the nomination(s) - get their certificate on the AAA wall of fame and a thank you prize from the company. Everyone nominated gets a shout out in the Exec meeting to celebrate their awesomeness

Decision Talk

we arrange monthly informal lunchtime talks by a wide variety of speakers including: MPs, entrepreneurs, authors, social media movers and shakers

Decision Teach

our extremely popular internal, peer-to-peer, knowledge sharing forum allowing staff to develop their knowledge of all areas of the business


such as GAP Training and accreditation

Skills based training

such as presentation skills and coaching

One-to-one coaching

enabling staff to find solutions to work-based issues

Company-wide training

options such as first aid training, data protection etc


voluntary kitchen table-based chat with our CEO and Head of HR to get opinions on our strategy and company culture developments

Open door policy

if we had any doors here at Decision Tech, they’d be open. Luckily, being an open plan office ties in nicely with our aim to keep communication free and open between all staff