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May 1, 2018
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Meetup: .NET Core War Story

from the meetup hosted 18 July 2018

Presented on 18/07/2018 by Alex Sloat - The DecisionTech .NET Core War Story

Download the PPT presentation here

Code Resources ZIP

Decision Tech’s dev team over the last year have been either been launching new .NET Core microservices or rebuilding their brand sites in .NET Core. We will take you through our journey; talk about the highlights of working with .NET Core and the pitfalls we have found. Although not a complete journey we have some interesting war stories to tell.

The War Story: It’s effectively our journey from doing .NET through to Mono to .NET Core 1 and then upgrading. Variety of different challenges we have had with a new framework and yet still releasing software and through to where we are now and how we are running the two side by side.


Mono Project

ASPNET Announcements on GitHub

Orchard Core


Dependency Injection in DotNetCore

Tag Helpers in DotNetCore

Dependency Injection in Tag Helpers

Google App Engine

Martin Fowler Strangler Pattern

DotNetCore Proxy Middleware

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