White label partnerships

Our white label offers partners our comprehensive, solution-driven comparison platform, seamlessly integrated into your own website experience. Backed up by our talented team of developers and commercial managers, our white label delivers all of the benefits and none of the risk.

Why partner with Decision Tech’s White Label service?


We bring over a decade of industry knowledge, a multitude of well established and extremely effective provider relationships, and product development expertise to our partner programmes. So you can be confident that joining our white label programme will deliver you the best customer experience and monetisation to your company and to your customers.

Ofcom accredited

Decision Tech’s services are fully audited by industry regulator, Ofcom. This independent and industry recognised accreditation will give you the assurance that our products are comprehensive, impartial, timely, accessible and are in full compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines. When you partner with us you can use the Ofcom logo on your white label interface giving your customers added confidence in the integrity of your broadband comparison service.

Ofgem accredited

Decision Tech’s energy service has passed the stringent checks carried out by energy regulator, Ofgem. So your customers can have confidence that the prices and options displayed on our platform have been calculated fairly and in an unbiased way. Our partners can’t carry the Ofgem logo but can display content that confirms our full compliance with the Ofgem code of conduct.

LEAN development

We are constantly A/B testing new features as we execute our product strategy to deliver a comparison service which makes it simple for customers to find, compare and select the best deal. Our platform approach means our white label partners benefit from regular uplifts in conversion rates. Furthermore, our partners benefit from innovations that we road-test on our own brands.


All our white label partners will be provided with Google Analytics 360 powered data reports, enabling you to carry out your own analysis via Google’s premium analytics tool. In addition, we will automatically supply a daily spreadsheet containing highly granular data from clicks to the sales, with full provider breakdowns against your unique identifier so each individual click and its marketing sources so that you can run your own analysis on marketing performance against the white label. You have the tools to gather insight and spot the trends which allow you to make more efficient and lucrative marketing decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications

White label partners will benefit from our plug-in tools, otherwise known as ‘Freud’, which enables us to deliver automatic trigger-based emails, to your customers depending on their progress through the user journey. Nurturing customers through the product funnel is proven to reduce basket abandonment, improve customer experience and increase visitor monetisation. Emails are fully partner-branded, offering targeted and useful customer communication which not only relieve the workload on your CRM team but will also deliver an uplift in conversion rates, improving monetisation on your site.

Seamless brand experience

Our design and UX team will work to your style guide to ensure our white label delivers the precise look and feel of your own brand. For partners with significant sales volumes, we can offer a reverse proxy enabling you to present your own branded URL - making the customer journey feel seamless and increasing conversion rates. These pages can also be exposed to search engines to enhance your SEO footprint.

DT Rewards

Everyone loves a perk. And providers regularly offer eye-catching benefits and discounts to entice new customers. The Decision Tech Rewards platform enables our partners to offer an exclusive incentive such as Amazon vouchers to customers that switch via their white label. Rewards allow us and our partners to positively impact on KPIs like conversion rate, provider and product mix, and to respond to competitor offers.

More about Decision Tech rewards: How does it work? The DT Rewards Platform reconciles every sale that takes place on a provider website back to individual customers in order to apply the customer reward. This ensures that you only pay for the gift where the customer has actually switched. Decision Tech then works with a gifting partner to fulfil the customer incentive. The results: Our AB testing has proven that Decision Tech Rewards delivers a double-digit percentage increase in visitor conversion rates, increasing the number of sales and easily covering the cost of the rewards. Our account management team will work with you to plan the promotion and to ensure that you get a positive ROI on your investment.

In addition to all of these White Label programme benefits, the following advantages are available to partners across our entire partnership programme:

  • Postcode availability checker
  • Exclusive offers
  • Comprehensive deals data
  • Account management
You can read more about each of these benefits here.