Freud benefits

  • Combines data from multiple sources including, The Hive, FullSight and Celsus Results to build a complete single, customer view
  • Compatible with multiple data sources
  • Compatible with multiple email service providers, including Mailchimp

  • Personalise and optimise communication with your customers without losing the time efficiency of an automated service
  • Cloud-based, and scalable, Freud will benefit customer focused businesses of any size

Freud is our Single Customer View module. Flexible enough to interact with data from any other source, Freud searches and connects all the data our systems hold on a single user and pushes it into your CRM platform of choice. Freud joins these multiple data sources together under a unique customer identifier, revealing all of the site interactions - both current and historic - and user behaviour for any individual, or group of customers.

Via analytics, your CRM tool will have access to all the data you collect, or even observe an interaction with, from each individual user on your site – without the need for multiple bespoke integrations – creating rich user profiles. These profiles enable our partners utilising the Freud platform to personalise and target the way you interact with your customers.

Freud can read the data and recognise the probable requirements of different users allowing you to group and target your communications to customers according to specific preferences, locations, or particular demographics. This equips you with the knowledge necessary to improve the relevancy of the information you send, and timeliness of your email communications with each of your customers. You can shape the user experience dynamically, improve campaign responses, and reduce the likelihood of basket abandonment and unsubscribers – and Freud will even tell you which products the user viewed so you can follow up with contextually relevant emails.

And, it doesn’t end there, Freud assigns a unique identifier to each user – allowing us to track cross-device and identify where our users start their journey on their phone, and complete on a different device.

Freud is compatible with a wide range of email service providers, including Mailchimp, Sendgrid and list based bespoke email systems.

Get in touch to discuss how Freud can unify your customer data and create rich, single-user profiles, allowing your business to improve the effectiveness of your customer communications.

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